Business · February 22, 2021 0

What’s the Difference Between Customer Delight and Customer Satisfaction?

It is important to note that customer satisfaction and customer delight are not the same.

Karen Donaldson, a celebrity communication and body language expert, said being satisfied is equal to receiving decent customer service.

“When customers purchase, they expect decent customer service,” Donaldson said. “Customer delight means to exceed expectations and make a lasting impression.”

If you keep your customers satisfied, it’s still easy for them to leave. It’s not so easy for them to find somewhere else to spend their money if they are delighted. Loyalty doesn’t come from giving customers the status quo, but from going above and beyond to surpass their expectations. [Check out our best picks page if you need help choosing the best CRM software for your business.]

“The reality is that customers and clients who feel good and feel that they are appreciated will return, invest more, and refer other customers,” Donaldson said.

Creating customer delight can take time. It’s a strategy of trial and error to get it right. But you can’t do it in a vacuum; it requires customer feedback. It’s not enough to include a handwritten thank-you note with the order; you must determine the impact from that move, which is where measuring your success comes in.

Majcher said to start by creating a baseline of your current customer satisfaction. Take a quick survey of your customers to find out if the service is OK, great, or needs improvement. Throw in a couple of open-ended questions about their expectations or what they want to see improve. Once you have this customer feedback, you can pinpoint the areas that could use some customer delight and test the waters there.

“If half of those surveyed say they’d love Saturday pickup, well, try it,” Majcher said. “But then, survey again. How are the numbers? Did the Saturday pickup really hang the sun and the moon for them? If the response wasn’t as enthusiastic as you expected, keep poking until you really hit the sweet spot.”