Contact A Paternity Lawyer For Proving Who A Child’s Father Is

Paternity cases can cause many litigation issues for the parents involved. There are varieties of situations that affect how paternity can be established and parents should be aware of the situations that can be difficult to unravel. When the man executes and files and Affidavit Acknowledging Paternity with the Department of Human Services even when he’s not the father, he will be considered the natural father for visitation and child support purposes. If a man and a woman marry each other and the child is born during the marriage, paternity will be established immediately.

What Can Spark A Paternity Case?

When one parent is absent for a long period of time or the non-custodial parent wants visitation with a child, it can cause a paternity case. When one parent isn’t married to the other parent and child support needs to be paid can start a paternity case. When visitation is tied to the amount of support one of the parent’s pay, this can cause a paternity case to be filed in court.

Visitation Rights

A father will not have rights to custody or visitation unless he has officially been declared the father of the child by an order of the court. A parent might be liable for the child’s medical expenses and back child support for the previous five years plus interest. The court might order the child’s birth certificate to be changed to show the father’s name.

When Can Paternity Be Established?

If a man agrees to be a child’s father on a birth certificate or the child has his last name, paternity could be established. If a man promises to support the child as his own and it’s been recorded, or the mother and father married each other after the birth of the child, they can be other ways to establish paternity. A legally binding DNA test can prove a man is the biological father of a child.

Paternity cases can be unpleasant and heated when the parents were not in contact for a long time, the relationship ended, or they barely knew each other. Getting to the bottom of the situation requires the help of an experienced paternity lawyer. For more information, please visit