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Sarah’s Thanks to Her Father-in-Law

My father-in-law is a reputable man with respect, which is why I admired him greatly. It is true he is easy going but is well disciplined. You could actually see that his love for his family and children, as well as their dog, is one that is never-ending, regardless he was diagnosed with mesothelioma by mesothelioma specialists. I met him when my husband and I arrived from a motorcycle ride.

My boyfriend, then husband, arrived as we go to the garage. You could actually see that the details and craftsmanship of the Harley Davidson jacket is what made me wear the jacket given to me by my husband. I remember that my father-in-law was sitting on a chair as we browsed through an auto magazine, eating his saltine crackers and jelly.

Seeing as how my husband got a guest, his father greeted me in a flirty manner but reassured his son I can take jokes. Without hesitation, I replied introducing my name, “Sarah”, as I displayed an honest smile. Instead of being offended by what he had shown, I was surprised as I remember my grandfather who also shares the same attitude, honest. I can clearly see that things would have been different, if only he was convinced to seek out mesothelioma specialists earlier.

Years gone by and we had 2 kids with my husband. Every time I get to visit their house, I could see that he is on the same spot, eating as he reads through the magazine. Everything was changed the moment I noticed things were not the same as how it was before. He does not have the same snacks beside him as he reads through a magazine, which was a bit odd. As my mother-in-law called him out for dinner as I set the table, we could see that he really was slowed down by his frequent stops and pauses to catch his breath.

It was then I remembered that a friend of my shared a story about his father showing the same issue as with my father-in-law. The issue was tried and resolved by countless professionals, only to find that his father was diagnosed with mesothelioma. Firefighters were highly exposed to asbestos as their gears back then were made by asbestos and asbestos fiber. To think, firefighters really need to consider and seek out the expertise of mesothelioma specialists to ensure that problems are addressed accordingly.

It reached ton of tries before I got my father-in-law to seek out mesothelioma specialists. Although we had sought help from mesothelioma specialists, it was too late as my father-in-law died 4 months short after the diagnosis. My father in law died and had his ashes spread in Florida Keys, where he was his happiest.