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3 Ways to Tell if You Need to Avail of Pool Repair Services

At first, it might seem like having a pool in your own backyard is nothing short of a dream come true. After all, isn’t it everyone’s dream to have their own, secluded oasis all to themselves? Well, as dreamy as it might be to be able to go on vacation to a tropical paradise whenever you feel like it, there’s a lot that goes into pool maintenance that you might not know at the start. Lots of first time pool owners find their pools giving in to damage just a few short months after getting one because they don’t know how to maintain one.

The upside is that there are lots of pool repair services that can easily resolve any pool problems you might be experiencing. But when is it the time to call in the pros? Learn when to call the pool repair service by checking your pool for these tell-tale signs of poor maintenance.

1. A Malfunctioning Pump – A pump works to filter out impurities in your water so you don’t need to keep replacing too soon after you fill your pool. A pool’s pump is often the easiest to damage because it runs longer than any other part of the poo. At some point, any pool pump will require some maintenance. If you haven’t had your pump checked in the last few months though, it’s probably hight time that you get someone to check it out. The truth of the matter is that if you don’t seek professional services now, your pump will likely give up just a few months later.

2. Damaged Pool Tiles – Because tiles work well against water damage, they’re the surface of choice for most pools. But even if they’re pretty solid against moisture, tiles also have a lifespan and they may give in to water damage after a few years. That said, you may want to inspect your pool’s tiles for any breakage and have them repaired at the first signs of a problem. Remember – broken tiles can cause water to leak into the ground below and this can become an even bigger problem in the long run.

3. Problems with Temperature – To make the water more comfortable for users, some pools incorporate their own, dedicated temperature regulation units like heaters. But overworked heaters can easily break down and stop working all together. The most common reason for this is water damage. Now, because heaters are electrically powered, this can pose a major safety risk. Make sure to call a professional at the first signs of this type of damage to prevent any major accidents.

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