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Dealing with Sexual Harassment at the Workplace.

If you have been following the news keenly, you may have seen cases of sexual misconduct and harassment hit the headline especially at the office. Unwanted sexual tension is scary and frustrating. No one should tolerate this kind of behavior at the working place. Even though these scenarios hit the news from time to time, they happen much more than reported. If any of your employees make such complaints, you should not take the matter lightly but rather take swift and appropriate action. First of all, you need to have a protocol of ensuring that they do not happen. Not many victims have the courage to speak up about the perpetrators and you might not realize there are sexual offenders in your office because some are very good at hiding this. Put enough resources and personal efforts into making sure the place of work is safe for everyone.

In your company policies, there should be one about sexual harassment. It is the greatest way to educate the workers about sexual harassment. The policy should be in the employee handbook and it should be a common topic of discussion during regular meetings. You should make sure every kind of behavior that can pass as sexual harassment is written down. Highlight the evident ones like threatening, stalking, catcalling, sending of unsolicited images and messages as well as groping. There should be a clear definition of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. Make sure there is also a clear explanation of why this is important and how it is defined together with the accompanying behaviors.

Besides the policy employees] being a legal base but also a blanket for victims. The policy should provide a guideline on how to report a sexual harassment incidence and the consequences of the culprit of sexual assaults of harasses an employee and this law firm can help. Inform your employees that sexual harassment is not just something you are fighting on your own but also that the law is tough about that as well. If there is proof that the victim was assaulted or harassment, the issue can be taken to court. If found guilty, the offender should be relieved of the duties and ordered not to come close to the victim. Office chatter can be easily passed as gossip but you have to pay attention to this chatter because it carries an element of truth in many cases. It is not normal for people to be talking about something when there is nothing which can be pointed to its root which means sexual harassment talks have a root and it is this you should focus on if you do not want to be sorry later on.