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How to Choose the Right Flea Treatment for Your Pet

The warm weather comes along with also other issues like the presence of fleas and ticks that can infest your pet. You pet an get several problems as a result of flea infestation. Monthly treatment is, therefore, necessary to keep your animal free from flea infestation . You will spend less money on a monthly treatment to avoid that when you have to deal with the sicknesses after infestation. It is therefore essential for you to know how to choose the right flea treatment for your pet.

When you have collars, shampoo, oral treatment and dips, you may not know which of them will be the best for your pet. With the following information you will be in a position to determine which of them will be the best choice. To ensure that you have maximum treatment the insect, you have to understand the four cycle stages that it goes through in life. They are either egg, larva, pupa or insects. It is important to understand that what you see on the pet is just but a small population of what is present in the house.

There could be other fleas in different stages in carpet and other places in the house. Pupa is the one that changes to be an adult and it is usually covered by a hard substance which breaks as soon as it senses the presence of an animal. Vacant homes could be having fleas in the pupa stage until an animal comes in. Your best flea treatment is the one that can destroy the insects in any of the four steps.

When you are making the choice you may come across something is written Insect growth Regulator which means it can kill in the insect in any of the four stages. When you see anything written adulticide it means it kills adult fleas when they come into contact. Some of the procedure is applied directly to the skin of the pet. Such application is absorbed by the skin and become part of the body oils. With time the medication is spread all over the skin.

If you do not like to use the application medication, there are also oral tablets valuable in the market. The only difference is that they are not long-term fir they are supposed to work for twenty-four hours. The the best thing is that they deal with the situation quickly. You may also think of using the dip which is more of a preventive measure because it can assure you of a flea free pet for more than a month. However you should be careful when you are dipping to avoid getting the product to the pet’s mouth or eyes.

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